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Welding Sleeves    Patent pending

Plain Outer Cover      $59.95 + $10.00 s&h

Stamped Outer Cover    $69.95 + $10.00 s&h

Solid Basket Weave Pattern-Entire arm guard
$149.00 + $10.00 s&h

Complete Basket Weave Pattern w/ Centered Ink Stamped
$ 189.00 + $10.00 s&h

Patent Pending

  Our Welder sleeves, or welding arm guards are made from 8-9oz leather for the outside. Each is made with smooth leather on the outside, and a rough-out back.  The center portion of the welders arm guard or welders protective sleeve has a 1/2 inch padding sewed between the leather (oval shape of stitches on the example).  The backing leather is rough side -out liner to aid in keeping the protective sleeve in place during a day of welding.

  The sleeve with padding is about ¾ inch thick at the padding and  3/8  -  1/2” thick in the balance of the sleeve.  The closures are three leather straps 1/2" wide.   Straps are inserted inside the leather and riveted.  This allows the slag to slide off the sleeve instead of catching on the strap end and burning the leather.  The buckle is mounted on the bottom of the sleeve for the same reason.  This allows the sleeve to be worn on the left arm to prevent slag from catching.  If the sleeve is worn on the right arm, the buckles will be on top, but the flap can still be tucked inside to prevent catching slag.



The first style (pictured above) is smooth with three strap closures.

The second style (pictured below) is the same size and closures, however, it has your choice of Eagle, Eagle w/ American Flag, Motorcycle, Texas State w/ Star, or a Praying Cowboy w/ Horse & Cross, or any of our other stamps  stamped on the front side of leather.

Click here to view available stamps

Initials are also an option and can be put on the plain, natural guards before they are assembled.  Because of the soft padding they cannot be added to the finished product.  Adding initials may require additional time.

The third style is new and is a solid basket weave pattern. The entire arm guard/protective sleeve is stamped with a basket weave. It is available in natural, black, or brown.

The fourth choice is a basket weave with one of the available stamps embedded in the basket weave centered on the front protective area.  With the embedded stamp the only color option is natural. Dying the leather with the stamp in place will cover the stamp and it will become invisible3 leather arm guards with basket weave pattern

Basket weave with Praying Cowboy and both Eagles are normally kept in stock and can be shipped fairly quickly.

A fifth option (not shown) can be ordered with a set of initials instead of the picture stamp.  These are custom made, requiring extra time to complete.